Belarus: EU adopts new round of individual sanctions over continued human rights abuses and impo...


The EU Council today imposed sanctions on an additional 38 individuals and 3 entities. It also extended export bans to firearms, aviation and space industry.

Moreover, in response to Belarus’s continuous involvement in Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, the EU imposed targeted restrictive measures, namely the following:

  • export ban on goods and technology suited for use in aviation and the space industry, including aircraft engines and drones;
  • prohibition of sale, supply, transfer or export of firearms, their parts and essential components and ammunition;
  • further export restrictions on goods used by Russia for its war of aggression against Ukraine, including semiconductor devices, electronic integrated circuits, manufacturing and testing equipment, photographic cameras and optical components; and
  • extended export ban on dual-use goods and technology.

Belarus also remains subject to restrictions in the financial sector, trade, energy, transport and others.


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