Webinar 26/2023 : LINKEDIN Magic: Get Noticed, Get Clients, Get headhunted



Τhe Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus (ICPAC) has the pleasure to invite you to a webinar, as shown below:

Webinar No:



LINKEDIN Magic: Get Noticed, Get Clients, Get headhunted



Date & Time:


Webinar time


09:00 – 13:00


Antigoni Marinou, CEO The Rokket Project


The key purpose of this seminar is to empower professionals with the transformative knowledge and strategies to wield the enchanting power of LinkedIn. Unleash the potential of your LinkedIn presence to transcend the noise, captivate your desired audience, and unlock a realm of extraordinary opportunities. Discover the secrets to stand out from the crowd, magnetize clients to your doorstep, and beckon headhunters to recognize your immense value. This seminar is your gateway to LinkedIn magic—an immersive experience that will empower you to elevate your personal brand, forge meaningful connections, and embark on a journey of unprecedented professional success. Don't settle for mediocrity when you can wield the sorcery of LinkedIn to mesmerize the world and claim the career of your dreams. Join us and let the magic begin!

Who should attend:

This seminar is designed for professionals from all industries who are seeking to maximize their presence on LinkedIn and harness its potential for personal and professional growth. Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, freelancer, job seeker, or corporate professional, this seminar will provide you with the tools and insights needed to unlock the full power of LinkedIn. It is ideal for individuals who want to:

-         Enhance their personal brand and increase visibility in their industry.

-         Expand their professional network and forge valuable connections.

-         Attract potential clients, customers, or business opportunities.

-         Position themselves as thought leaders and industry experts.

-         Explore career advancement opportunities and catch the attention of headhunters and recruiters.

-         Optimize their LinkedIn profile and content to stand out from the competition.

-         Learn best practices and strategies for leveraging LinkedIn's features and analytics effectively.

No matter your current level of LinkedIn proficiency, this seminar is designed to provide valuable insights, actionable techniques, and expert guidance to propel your professional journey forward. Join us and unlock the magic of LinkedIn to propel your career to extraordinary heights.

Participation fee:

 50 EUR (incl VAT) for ICPAC Members / Students / Affiliates

100 EUR (incl VAT) for non-ICPAC Members

CPD units:

The webinar corresponds to 3,5 CPD units for full attendance.

Registration process:

For more information and Registration for the webinar please visit the website of the Institute / webinars. A follow-up email will be circulated on the previous day of the webinar to provide the access link and instructions on how to join the training session and other important information.

Register promptly to secure a place at the webinar as the number of places is limited to 200 participants.


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