Accountancy Cyprus Media Kit

Accountancy Cyprus is arguably the oldest magazine in Cyprus, having been published by ICPAC since 1982 with the objective of keeping its members up to date with the latest developments in the accounting profession. It deals with issues pertaining to economics & finance, business,
accounting, taxation, audit, compliance, news of the Institute and much more.

The aim of the collaboration between ICPAC and IMH is to upgrade the magazine and ensure that it remains a point of reference as the most reliable source of information for news of the sector. At the same time, with its new design and structure, enhanced with additional content, Accountancy Cyprus will provide a modern and dynamic information platform for members of ICPAC, the business world, the political leadership and government officials. In the context of this collaboration, ICPAC remains the publisher of the magazine while IMH becomes responsible for its editorial content, design, printing, distribution and commercial management.