Complaint Form

Complaint Form

Make a complaint about an ICPAC member

Before you make a complaint
  • Please check the accountant or accountancy firm is registered with ICPAC.
  • Please ensure you have copies of any relevant supporting letters and other documents. We may not be able to help you If you don’t have documentary evidence to support your allegation.
  • If your issue relates to a criminal matter, you should ask the police (or other relevant authority) to investigate it first. Please let us know you’ve reported the matter.
  • Please seek legal advice straight away if you think you have a reason to make a civil claim. Do not wait until our investigation process has concluded.
  • Please ensure that before submitting a complaint you have read the Useful Information for Filing a Complaint.

Your details
Organisation (if appropriate)
Telephone number
Email Address

Who do you want to complain about?
Organisation (if appropriate)

What has happened? Please explain your complaint in full and send us copies of relevant supporting correspondence or other documents. Please note that your complaint and all supporting documentation will be put before the person or firm against whom the complaint is made.
Why do you think the accountant is at fault?
Have you already made a complaint to your accountant? If yes, please provide a copy of his response. If no, we recommend you do so. Please note that we will tell the accountant about your complaint.
Supporting evidence
So that we can assess your complaint, please send supporting evidence (for example, letters and documents you have sent to or received from the accountant) to the address below or email your supporting evidence to Will you be sending supporting evidence?
Is there anything the accountant could do to resolve your grievance?
Complaint filing fee
The Institute’s Council has laid down a filing fee of €100 which is non-refundable.
Using your personal information
We will treat your personal information in accordance with data protection legislation. We will use your information for administration, communication and research. ICPAC has responsibilities as a regulator and a professional body. We may, either as required by law or to carry out those responsibilities, share information about our members and firms to comply with the requirements of government departments, agencies and regulators.
The ICPAC member or firm who is the subject of the complaint will need to be shown all material relevant to the complaint against them. All correspondence between the ICPAC member or firm, the complainant and ICPAC is private and confidential, although it may be disclosed to the ICPAC member or firm’s insurer, someone representing them, or an ICPAC support member. If ICPAC is asked by a government department, agency or regulator to disclose information about the ICPAC member or firm, we may share information about the complaint.
If there are any specific documents you do not wish us to share with the ICPAC member of firm, please mark them clearly as such.
Supporting Documents