Πλαισιο Λειτουργίας Επιτροπών ΣΕΛΚ 2023 - 2024.pdf

Αίτηση για Συμμετοχή στις Επιτροπές ΣΕΛΚ.pdf

In order to better address the Institute's goals and its mission, ICPAC operates via a network of specialized committees. For the period 2023 - 2024, the following committees are operational:


S/N Committee Chair
1 Insolvency 
Petros Ioannides
2 Public Sector  Marios Chatzidamianou
3 Administrative Services & International Business
Christos Tsiakouris
4 Listed Companies and Public Interest Entity Auditors
Panayiotis Peleties
5 Educational
Michael Kolokotronis
6 Auditing Standards  Avgoustinos Chatzirousos
7 Energy  Katerina Mina
8 Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
Michalis Stavrides
9 Corporate Social Responsibility
Dimitrios Chioureas
10 Corporate Law --
11 IFRS  Antreas Georgiou
12 Shipping
Kyriakos Christodoulou
13 AML & Compliance
Andreas Georgiades
14 Economic Crime and Forensic Accounting
Marilena Zarka
15 CFOs  Stavros Kattamis
16 Small and Medium Practices
Demetris Demetriou 
17 Larnaka-Ammochostos Coordinating Committee
Alexandros Anastasiou
18 Limassol-Paphos Coordinating Committee
Christos Tsialoupis
19 Hospitality
Aggelos Loizou
20 Tax Compliance
Andreas Karaoli
21 Tax Planning and Policy
Philippos Raptopoulos
22 VAT George Liasi
23 Funds Services Constantinos Kallis
24 ESG & Sustainability  Marina Strovolidou