Seminar 18/2019: Launch of the Mentoring Programme

Cyprus Olympic Committee Building, Λευκωσία

The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus (ICPAC) and its CFO Committee have the pleasure to invite you to:


Seminar No:

18 / 2019


Launch of the Mentoring Programme



Date & venue:


Seminar time



30 May 2019

17:00 – 19:00

Cyprus Olympic Committee Building



Ms Jill Douka, Global Academy of Coaching



ICPAC responded positively with pleasure to the CFO Committee’s proposal to launch and operate a mentoring programme for its members who may wish to pursue a career in the wider accountancy profession environment, possibly aspiring a career development in the financial management/controllership. ICPAC will fund the project and with this presentation it wish to inform its members of this unique opportunity to participate in the programme as a mentor (that is as an instructor /coach) or as a mentee (that is as a trainee). 

ICPAC seeks to receive potential interest from Members to act in both capacities. The relevant training for the mentors will be provided by ICPAC and the mentees shall be able to benefit from the scheme, again courtesy of the Institute.

Who should attend:


The seminar is addressed to all ICPAC members that would like to learn about the mentoring programme, expand their professional horizons and ultimately choose to become a mentor (ie a coach) or a mentee (trainee). The scope of the programme is to provide a better understanding of persons potential for a career in the wider accountancy profession environment (eg the industry) and not necessarily in auditing.

Participation fee:

FREE of change

CPD units:

The presentation corresponds to 2 cpd units for full attendance.

Project Coordinators:

Mr Sofocles Tymvios, CFO Committee

Registration process:

For more information and Registration for the seminar please visit the website of the Institute / seminars

Register promptly to secure a place at the seminar, as the number of available seats is limited.



  Launch of mentoring programme.pdf

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